April 10, 2011

Weekend Recap: 4/10

This weekend was obviously engrossed with Junior League Kids in the Kitchen, however I did manage to do a little more. I had every intention of staying in the burbs after such a long day on Saturday, however I was swayed by the promise of an 80's cover-band at Joe's on Weed. After hanging out with BF, I as the party pooper that passed out at 8:30pm, only to wake up this morning. I feel bad for keeping BF in, but I was wiped. This morning, to make up for it, I took us to the Twisted Spoke. BF Loves this place as it's a biker bar with killer bloody mary's; which of course we pare-took in :)
Massive bar, with lots of draft options!
Check out their Bourbon Collection!
BF's  - YES that's BACON & Cheese in BACON infused vodka!
My Queen Mary - mine had lime flavored gin in stead of vodka
My Elvis French Toast with Peanut Butter & Banana. BF had chequiles, but I didn't think it was picture worthy. BF said these looked like drunk-food heaven!
Then BF decided he wanted to try another:
Later on this afternoon, a friend from work helped me look for a new apartment. My current place is trying to increase my rent $50/month; RIDICULOUS! So I'm looking more around the Schaumburg/Arlington Heights area so that I'm closer to Dan's place in the city and it's only 3-4 miles further to work than I am now. I'm an ubber dork that created an excel spreadsheet that took into account costs for mileage (gas/mile/month), gym membership (if they don't have one available), storage (in-case i have to continue to pay for an extra storage unit), extra cost of moving, and move in fees. However, when it's all said and done, you HAVE to see places. I just wish I had done this much research when I had first moved up here. I have a clear front runner in my decision, but I still need to negotiate pricing and availability. I'm determined to not be on a first floor again; I don't think it's weird that I feel less secure on the first floor.
Any who, have you been to any fun places in the city (or the burbs) lately that you think I should try? Do you know of any good apartments in the areas I've mentioned? Please let me know! Have a great week!

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