April 23, 2011

Princess Preparation

With the Royal Wedding quickly approaching, so many companies are promoting their own wedding preparations. One example is provided by Sears and Kmart. I'm kind of obsessed with their new games on Facebook! 
The first you can build your own Tiara to share with your friends, then you get EXTRA Shop Your Way Rewards Member points on 'Princess" fashion for playing!
This is my Tiara!

Additionally, I was extra excited to learn I was TOTALLY a Kate Middleton for my princess personality!
Kate, Princess of England
Just like Kate, your style is classic with a little bit of an adventurous side. You probably prefer well-known brand names rather than up-and-coming designers, and you might even have a thing for over-the-top hats (don't worry, your secret is safe with us). Friends describe you as having a very sweet, girl-next-door look… they might even admire your consistently impeccable taste!
Check them out and let me know which Princess you are!

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