April 1, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Take Me Out to the Crowd!
This weekend is the Major League Baseball Season Opener! 
My home team, the Atlanta Braves, played yesterday and BEAT the Washington Nationals. My dad is super excited because he thinks this is another one of 'our years'. I guess he may not be entirely off, as Mr. Jason Hayward is looking pretty darn good... homer at hist first at-bat of the season!
What with living in Chicago now, a city with two teams, and dating an avid Chicago-sports-aholic... people are trying to convert me left and right. And who could blame them! 
The Chicago Cubs are SUCH A PREPPY TEAM! Or at least their fans and surround neighborhood are. Wrigleyville is something amazing to experience. It's got an electric energy of young people and bars. There are several colleges in the area, but also Chicago seems to be a mecca of young 20-somethings (like myself); which makes it feel more like a college campus than one of the country's larges metropolitan areas.
Getting back to baseball: Wrigley Field is a historic monument to Chicago Athleticism. Known as the 'Friendly Confines' , it's been home to the Federal Baseball League Chicago Whales (1914-1916), The Chicago Bears (1921-1970), and of course the National Baseball League Chicago Cubs (1916-present). It's seen Hockey (Winter Classic 2009), Northwestern vs. Illinois Football (2010), as well as multiple concerts. The entire park is exactly how I would expect 'Old School' baseball to be like. So much so, that it was featured in multiple scenes in A League of Their Own!
I think that clip is so funny. LOVE THAT MOVIE!

Anywho, it's opening day, I've got a conference call for Junior League's Kid's in the Kitchen event tonight, but I fully intend to partake in all the festivities!are available.

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