April 2, 2011

Derby Style - Dresses

Guilty Confession: I've never actually been to the Derby. HOWEVER, I have a good idea of what would be socially acceptable in the grandstands. From what I hear the in-field is kind of a toss up, and somewhat a kin to a mix between a Frat Party and the Indy 500.
I recently came across this new Lilly Pulitzer Franco Dress in their 'Hot to Trot' print. It just seems so apropos for a horse race!
Let's face it though, anything Lilly Pulitzer would probably work. Last year my mom made dresses in a Lilly-like pattern for my sister and I. We made linen sashes to match and had a friend monogram our initials into them (one pink and one green).
 Additionally, the Kentucky Derby Website has some great Historical tidbits I found interesting. Check it out!
Do you have any suggestions for Derby Apparel? 

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