April 3, 2011

Weekend Adventure Recap - April Showers

This past weekend, as I previously stated, was season opener for Major League Baseball. I had such high hopes/expectations... I thought that the outdoor Green City market started on Saturday; Sadly I was one month early.
BF and I talked a big game about getting up early and walking the lake front, then going to the market, before heading to Wrigleyville to watch the game. Instead, we walked through the Lincoln Park Zoo and saw the Flamingos before heading to Orange with A Peel.
This place is great for a lighter, less classic meal.
BF got the Pancake flight. This is something that changes weekly.This week's theme was Ben & Jerry's.
1. Chubby Hubby ~ Creamy peanut butter between cakes topped with pretzels and caramel sauce, served with vanilla anglaise.
2. Chunky Monkey ~ Cakes topped with banana whipped cream, toasted walnuts, coconut flakes and chocolate sauce.
3. Cherry Garcia ~ Cakes topped with cherry whipped cream and chocolate chips, garnished with maraschino cherry.
4. One Sweet Whirled ~ Cakes served with coffee mousse, mini marshmallows,  chocolate chips and lightly drizzled with caramel sauce.
All on 4 small piles of 3 silver dollar pancakes.

I personally prefer salty breakfast. I got the caprese eggs Benedict. (Sorry for the crappy pic, I accidentally forgot to take it prior to cutting in.... I was hungry!)
Overall it was very tasty! We then got ready to head up to Wrigley with one of BF's fraternity brothers/bff's. We sadly discovered the old Harry Caray's in Wrigley had closed, replaced by some Bistro (don't recall the name, as I'll probably never go back). They made all the dishes smaller, kept the decor the same, and still have expensive prices. Moving on, we made our way to my personal favorite: The Stretch. THEY SERVE ALL DRINKS IN MASON JARS!
YES, Southern hospitality (well sort of, the best is at Houndstooth down the street). A couple of my girl friends met up with us before we headed to a birthday party down in Lincoln Park (John Barleycorn). Overall great night!
This morning, I needed to get up super early to work on work-stuff. Afterward, I was still waiting on a report, BF and I made our way to (dun dun dun) KUMA'S CORNER! I LOVE THIS PLACE! If you love hamburgers, this is your heaven.
I had the : Black Oak Arkansas
Red wine BBQ sauce, Bacon, Aged White Cheddar, and Alpha King Battered Fried Shallot Rings. - $13
 BF got the burger of the month.
Can you believe they have whiskey on tap?!?
Did you do anything fun over the weekend??


  1. WOW - that sounds like the perfect way to spend this awesome weekend (I live near wrigleyville). I feel like a lazy, bad chicagoan after reading that! Hope you had fun!

  2. Oh forgot to add - I have a blog on tumblr - revivinglilmouse - where I post my weightloss, but more interesting to you my favorite (preppy) future outfits (which is how I found your blog).

  3. Thank you so much! I'll be sure to check it out! Let me know if you have any good places we should check out! I'm always looking for new experiences!


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