April 26, 2011

Weekend Recap: Operation Easter

 This past weekend was Easter, and I sadly was unable to go home. Instead BF and I intended to spend the weekend with his family, but there were some extenuating circumstances. Between family emergencies and the like, I tried to keep BF's mind off the heavy issues by keeping him entertained. Saturday I met him at his parents and convinced him to go to a local Naperville put-put course. I kind of think he let me win. But we continued on to dinner (like a proper high school date). After a brief walk around downtown Naperville (which is just a darling suburb, as it probably should be for the median income) we settled upon Heaven on Seven:
This is a Cajun themed restaurant that actually started in downtown Chicago. They pride themselves on their vast collection of Hot Sauces... some 1,500+!
View to left
View to the right
View to the center
Personally, I'm not a huge 'spicey' person. Being a good Carolina girl, I do love my ground black pepper, but BF tried to embrace his Italian side and puts hot sauce on everything! Needless to say, he loves this place.
BF went with the Etoufee of the Day
I had the Jumbalia
Also greatly anticipating the Derby, I had to order a Mint Julep, and let me tell you.... this is my absolute favorite drink!
Hot Buns at the Beach - Hot Sauce
All in all, this place was a lot of fun. They had a great atmosphere and the food/drink was divine. Made me miss home!
What did YOU do for Easter?

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