April 25, 2011

Crafty Weekend

This weekend, I tried to start planning for my Derby party (per usual). I had previously posed a super cute Derby tablecloth that I found on line. However, I felt I could totally make something that would work just as well but be my 'special touch'. So, to Joann's Fabric I went and spent way way too much, but I picked up some super cute fabrics:
A cute new Lemon design
A beautiful flower/humming bird print
This diamond print just looked so bright and cheerful; plus I thought it was masculine enough to work in BF's apartment for the party.
I bought a simple white to back each, however fabric being what it is, I needed to add a good 2-3" to each side to make it wide enough for a standard dining table. Check out my picks below!
I could've totally pulled this off in 3 hours, but I always seem to have issues with my first version of anything I sew. I ended up having to remove a side because I'd sewn it on the wrong side for my pleat. But I soon got the swing of things.
Are you crafty? Do you have any suggestions for my Derby Party?

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