May 3, 2011

Designers I Dig: Salmon Cove

This past weekend I got the PHENOMENAL opportunity to meet with Salmon Cove co-owner Owen. Their office is conveniently based in the loop, just a short Brown line trip away from BF's apartment!
Also a terrific view of the Trump Tower!
I discovered Salmon Cove through my BF and his friend Brandon. They're fraternity brothers who now both live in downtown Chicago. They consider themselves 'preppy' and try to remain 'in the know' about the latest trends. They're both staunch Chicago-ists (Obsessed with all things Chicago), and have been basically BEGGING for a Chicago based Preppy Clothing brand, when they fell upon Salmon Cove!
 Salmon Cove was actually founded by a New York and a Canadian but purchased and re-branded by Owen & Charlie. They just launched their new line of Men's and Women's polos, oxfords, sweaters, and totes.
The Men's line of oxfords are perfect for the golf course, the club house, or the board room. They're 100% cotton, and very stylish. Owen sported his Addison Green Striped shirt for our interview.
The women's shirts are perfect for outdoor activity or socializing. They're 97% cotton, but 3% spandex to provide a giving material that breathes and looks stylish for any event. Owen provided me a beautiful Lavender version of the one below:
The women's polos offer a unique feature that I find fun and creative: They have a cotton underlay to the collar and the logo on the bottom; it pretty much requires you pop your collar... which is pretty amazing!
Check out my stellar shirt!
Both Owen and Charlie are locals from Winnetka, IL, and wanted to create a quality product that could represent their Chicago roots and preppy lifestyle. While chatting, Owen brought up the great point that there aren't any traditionally preppy outfitters created, branded, and marketed in the Chicago area, but there is a huge audience with Chicago being the mecca for recent Big Ten University grads.They've provided a timeless brand that is classic and fun, and I hope to see more of soon!
Additionally, they're large participants in local Philanthropies such as Jeffrey Fashion Cares annual fashion event fighting for civil rights amongst LGBTQ communities and life saving efforts against HIV/AIDs. They've also participated in fundraisers for the American Diabetes Association, and are looking to support local cancer research efforts. Professional Philanthropy and community responsibility is so important to me when I choose to support a brand, and Salmon Cove truly represents both.
Read more about the company, their products, and their work on their site or on their blog
I hope to see you all out and about 'Swimming Against the Current'!

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