May 4, 2011

THOR- A Girl's Comic Book Movie!

Last night BF and I received Sneak Peak tickets to see THOR through my work. I wanted to see it as it was an action movie which was likely to be less gory than what BF would typically go for, and he was excited to see it as well (agreeing on a movie is kind of difficult).
All I can say is HOLY COW.... and swoon. The actor who plays Thor, Chris Hemsoworth, is totally a younger version of Brad Pitt! I have a new leading man... besides BF of course ;)
The film also starred Natalie Portman, in her like 100th movie of the year.... however she was actually believable in this role and made me anxious for the next installment in what is sure to be a successful franchise!
Will you be seeing Thor when it releases on Friday??

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