May 31, 2011

Weekend Recap - Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was a (thankfully) long Memorial Day holiday. 
 I actually got sent home early from work on Friday, which worked out nicely. It allowed me to drive into the city (via my new terrific, super-secret, outstanding route that only took me an hour and ten during Friday rush-hour!) to meet up with the girls for dinner! 
We ate at Wilde (after Oscar Wilde).
The food was spectacular! And huge portions. I don't think any of the 5 of us girls that were there finished our meals!
L got the mac'n cheese

Mel got the Bison Burger

And I got the INCREDIBLE Chicken-Pot-Pie!
Overall a pretty outstanding meal, I would wouldn't mind repeating. Plus it was all so reasonable! I think with 2 drinks, our meals, and splitting a desert it might've cost each of us around $22. Not bad when you consider the avg cost of an adult beverage in the city of Chicago...
After dinner we braved the on-coming rain to grab one last cocktail at Tin Lizzies before heading home.
Saturday, we had all made plans to hit up Wrigley for some pre-gaming at our old favorite, the Stretch, before the Baseball game at noon. Sadly we were all so wiped from our weekend, most of us didn't get their till Pitch. BF and I held down the fort throughout the game... maybe enjoying our mason jars a little too much to meet up with everyone afterwards. We had a great seat inside with the windows open as the skies opened and started to poor. But we enjoyed dancing and goofing off with everyone:
Mel, me and L
R, MS, MH, and T
 Overall a great time!
Sunday, well weather wise, wasn't much better. Minus BF venturing out to get a hair cut, we pretty much bumbed around all day, DL-ing movies and relaxing. The weather finally cleared around 6ish and we made our way (per our original plan) to the Belmont/Sheffield Music Festival. 
 We made it juts in time for Hairbangers Ball (an 80's & 90's cover band) and met up with a friend of BF's. We grab a 'light' dinner at Leona's (across the street from all the crazies):

After the festival, BF and I went back with the intention of enjoying the beautiful evening weather on his balcony, but ended up watching landscaping & decorating shows on his futon and falling asleep. One show we like to watch (and make fun of) is Chicago's Best. We also managed to watch an episode outlining what they and their viewers felt were the best Mexican places in the city. We decided to try one out they recommended for breakfast. So Monday morning we ventured to North Clarke in Uptown to Tiztal Cafe. 
 They had specifically mentioned their Oatmeal Milkshake of which I was somewhat skeptical, however it is truly a life-changer!
BF got the Steak Chilaquiles
And I got the Feta/Spinach/Onion omelet.... of which I had zero chance of finishing (I think I only made it through half).
 After Breakfast, we made a quick stop by BF's new shopping obsession (REI), before making our way back his apt. I ended up leaving shortly after to make it to the pool for some much needed sun... sadly, I was overly ambitious on my first day out... and now am a lovely shade of pink.
I finished off my holiday weekend at a chicken fry with the girls. I made my super duper easy squash/onions, and T made her Texas Fried Chicken. It was a great and relaxing end to a very busy weekend.
Tonight.... I hope to run off all the calories that I surely enjoyed.
How was your Memorial Day weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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