May 26, 2011

Home Decorating - Inspiration on a Budget

As you may recall I went back home a few weeks ago. What I didn't elaborate on is how many freaking decorating catalogs my mom had accumulated for her 'master plan' for our little family 'Farm' house.The ideas range from how to refurbish some of the REALLY old items in the house, to complete overhauls. I tried to politely explain to her, that she needs to organize and get rid of stuff at home and figure out what she has first before going out and purchasing anything new.This statement was followed directly the next week with my sister going Ape-sh*t on my mom's compilation of 4 decades of 'STUFF'. Needless to say (thankfully), we shouldn't see TLC's 'Hoarders' showing up at our house at least for another few years.... progress was made (meaning stuff was thrown out and parted with... barely).
All of this being said, the whole thing got me thinking about how we as a society are moving away from printed information towards the internet. Where my mom bought about a hundred design magazines to draw inspiration... I go to the below sites:

This is a blog I follow called Design Darling:

HGTV has a great website:

Martha Stewart - no brainer

House Beautiful

Southern Living

Apartment Therapy- a great blog my boyfriend found

Tumblr... I always see the cutest party and house decorations and just want to catalog them for when I'm a billionaire!

All of these offer amazing ideas, and are FREE! Where do you go to draw inspiration for your  apartment/home designs?

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