June 10, 2011


If you were 'raised right', your mother taught you that there is nothing for important than writing 'thank-yous', unless it's having nice stationary. I recently planned a surprise Baby shower/dinner for some of the girls in my AMAZING Junior League Provisional. The girls all wanted to pitch in on the gifts. One of the donations I received was in such a cute card I had to look it up!
It was by Pluff Mudd. They make prints as well, but I'm contemplating getting the cards for 2 reasons:
1.) so I can have some cute new stationary
2.) so I can frame them as gifts!
Check out some of the prints I'm interested in:
This is the one that caught my attention.
I also liked this one when it comes to 'Southern' things :)
There were two that caught my eye for my grandma:
She's originally from Indianapolis.
And now she lives in Marietta, Ga!
I loved this for my parents!
Overall, there just so cute! Do you have any favorite places you typically get your note cards? I typically order from Giftsin24 in a cream Classic Frame Monogram.

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