June 12, 2011

Weekend Recap - Festival Overload (Pt. 1)

This past weekend started off with a FABULOUS good-bye to a good friend and co-worker at Bandito Barney's!
Even though I called it an early night due to an early Junior League training meeting on Saturday. I was asked to be the PR Chairman for the 2011-2012 year on the Communications Committee.
We had our annual 'Nuts & Bolts' Leadership training at a Library in Naperville:
We each brought our favorite children's books as an ice breaker: mine was My Pretty Ballerina (it's not exactly my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, but it is a good one that I received with a beautiful doll for Christmas one year).

After the training, I made my way into the city to meet up with BF for the Old Town Art Festival. BF things I'm too luck (fingers crossed) because I have such good luck finding parking even when there's a festival on the block. Some of my favorites from the fair are below:
By Julie Keaten-Reed
This is a marble etching.
These Banana sculptures were so cute!
HAHAHA Spooning!
This reminded me of the Rube Goldberg competition at Purdue!
I apologize for not having all the artists noted, I missed a lot of the cards.
After the art festival we made our way North, to the Chicago Rib Fest (not to be confused with the Naperville Rib Fest which isn't until Fourth of July weekend).
These people were from Purdue, and although they were good... by far not the best I've ever head, but then again I have high standards (being as I'm from ATLANTA!)
Some of the crew hanging out
Love that Turkey Leg!
After quite the day of BBQ-ing, corn husk eating, and beer drinking, we made our way home. 
Sunday was spent laying out by the pool with Mar, junior league communication prep, and more packing.
As hard as it is to believe I am planning on moving next weekend and STILL have not signed my lease... I'm getting anxious and tempted to go find a different place just to spite this new place (not a good foot to start on :( ). 
Wish me luck on that one! 
Have ya'll started your summer festivities and sun-worshiping??

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