July 21, 2011

Mid-Summer Crisis

As I get ready for my once-a-year vacation, it dawned on me... it's time to start a new diet! I know, just the terminology seems silly. Having grown up in a household that harped upon eating healthy, lots of exercise and the right cut outfit, you'd think I'd learned my lesson. But honestly, after high school and no more competitive cheerleading (allowing for maximum caloric burn), it seems that age and a busy schedule are all working against me. So, as I pack and determine what I'll wear in the sunny glow of a beach... it has finally dawned on me that I need to take this part of life a bit more seriously.
Of late, BF has really been working hard to try being a vegetarian. With the passing of his grandmother and the revelation of potential genetic heart problems, he's really trying to be healthier. His parents have been doing this for a few months now, and really like how it's effected their lives. There's even a vegan/vegetarian restaurant that BF is really into (and I'll admit, they do make a mean faux chicken taco), the Chicago Diner.BF has even gone so far as to supply veggie burgers in my freezer when he comes to grill out with me.
While I don't want to be without my occasional steak, and definitely not without at least chicken/fish, it does seem like a good direction. I and definitely pro-more vegetables in one's diet. However, I also feel that major step needs to be in portion control. I had mentioned in a previous entry that I had tried out this new restaurant with my friend. S.P. that had all items under 470 calories and stressed fresh vegetables. This place seems to have the right idea, albeit limiting total sodium intake as well. 
I think I'm going to try this though (AFTER MY VACA, cuz god knows booze is not calorie-free).
What do you think? How do you maintain a work/health balance (I feel like working long hours does nothing to motivate me to be healthier)? Do you have any special dietary restrictions?

PS: Lauren Conrad even submits Slim Tips on her blog! If you have any fun recipes/work-outs, please let me know!

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