July 28, 2011

Not So Southern Secret: Guy Harvey

While visiting with my fam this past week on vaca, my sister (who just got back from a vaca in some Caribbean heaven) brought me a gift. I thought this strange since it is HER birthday this week, and I was all prepared with gifts for HER.
What she gave me was a Guy Harvey shirt. 
Well BF is convinced he's been telling me about this forever, and my family is convinced I'm no longer southern that I've never heard of this.
Apparently this dude, Guy Harvey (I know, so obvious), puts these giant fish all over apparel and accessories and Southerns love it. I guess having grown up fishing, I should as well. However, having an awful proficiency at motion sickness, I don't leave the bank when I cast.
However, the shirt is a pretty color yellow, and has a stellar pocket to hold my knock-off Ray-bans.
Have y'all heard of this dude? Do you OWN any of this stuff? Thoughts? Am I just THAT oblivious that I've never seen/heard of this?

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