August 10, 2011

Mais Oui

After work yesterday I went with a friend to a local restaurant for some drinks (primarily wine) to wind down from a long day. After we had eaten, we were just hanging out and chatting when these two older gentlemen came  to sit next to us at the bar. One was very subdued and kept to himself, the other was extremely 'out there' and quite frankly, kind of creepy. HOWEVER, this being said, it turns out he spoke french. I don't know if it was my outgoing nature, or the fact that M and I were on our 2nd bottle of Malbec, but we started talking in FRENCH! This went on for quite sometime, and although he was very patient with my broken/conversational dialect, I remembered why I only took the required years in school and didn't continue.
It also made me remember that there are several things that I happen to LOVE that are french:
French Manicures
French Onion Soup
French Vogue
French Kitchen
Johnny Depp lives in France!
What languages did you take in Middle/High School and/or College? Do you like anything else that's French?

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