August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap - Southern Hospitality

This weekend was very relaxing.
Saturday I met up with some girl friends for BBQ & the movie 'The Help' in the city.
The BBQ left much to be desired, and the smokey atmosphere coated my clothes... so I got to remember my lunch all day... (El's Kitchen)
Makes me want to go try the Southern even more now!
We had planned to go to the movie because we were expecting incremental weather.It was actually beautiful in the morning which left me somewhat regretting this choice, however we could here the huge thunderstorm throughout the movie.
 I had borrowed the audio book for 'The Help' a few weeks ago and greatly enjoyed it (even imitating a faux southern accent I NEVER had thanks to the audio).
I liked the movie, and I suppose like most other book-adaptations, I would've enjoyed it better if I had never read the book. However, having already experienced the book, my expectation level was already high. It did follow the general story line and the characters did seem genuine, although I felt they played it safe. The overall story is still very sensitive in this day-and-age, and I felt that the book was able to touch on some interesting perspectives and provide insight without prejudice. I felt the movie left out a lot of these background stories, either due to time or cojones. I highly recommend the book.
Have y'all read the book? Do you plan to see the movie?


  1. Read and LOVED the book, so I am sure I won't like the movie as much. I'm taking my little sister next week, so we'll have to see. The trailer makes it seem better than other book adaptations.

  2. I 'listened' to the book a few weeks ago. I thought it was a good adaptation, however the book (much like Gone with the Wind) was way better. I know they can't include everything due to time constraints, but still... I think you'll enjoy it.


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