August 30, 2011

Weekend Recap: I don't think we're in Chicago anymore

 This past weekend I made a trip to visit my good friend S.S. back in Richmond, Indiana. This tiny town on the boarder of Indian and Ohio is where I spent the last 3 years of my life (post-college). I took a job at a local manufacturer in their marketing department, and there I stayed before my venture into the fabulous world of fashion! S.S. still lives there though with her wonderful husband (who is an honorable member of the local law enforcement). S.S. works at the same manufacturer; we actually interviewed together as and took the trip to the second interview together (she's a PURDUE grad too!).
Both S.S. & T.C. were hired on with me. They both went to Purdue! This was on the bus ride from our hotel to the office visit and plant tour!
Anywho, I was able to take advantage of summer hours (only a couple more Fridays left :( ) and get down in time for dinner. I even got to stop by the Candle Outlet to pick up goodies for mom.
 The drive is about 4 hours; I used to make it fairly frequently when I lived there and BF lived in Chicago. But I was there in plenty of time to enjoy an evening at J&J's winery. This was one of our favorite 'haunts' as we would sit there sipping wine and muching on cheese and crackers, snapping for Bradley our waiter... oh good times. Mmmmm.... their Chaos wine is my favorite, but they ran out of lables on our bottles... I loved this:

I bought way too much wine to bring back...
S.S and I enjoying our evening.
 Thanks to S.S.'s husband, we got to play around with the breathalyzer and were given field sobriety tests. Needless to say, I am apparently a high functioning imbiber... but I also learned that law enforcement can take you in regardless of how you perform on the tests. (scary).
Saturday we got up early and made our way to 5th Street Bagel; this is one of my old haunts and has the BEST bagels I've ever had as well as my favorite Hazelnut coffee.
5th Street Bagel counter
 Then we went on our old walking trail for some nice long girl chats!
 After that we refreshed, ran some errands and made our way to Ghyslain's in the old depot district. This is one of the nicest restaurants in the town. It's a chocolatier on par with any I experienced in Paris. It's AMAZING and so affordable! Plus check out all their goodies!

The delicious food left us in a coma... we wondered around the Depot District for a while before picking up some movies and vegging the afternoon away. We watch Tangled! Such a cute movie! For dinner we took a field trip to Indy for Sushi! Sakura is a favorite of ours. BF introduced me to it a while back and we used to meet here as it was half way between Purdue and Richmond and BF was there for an extra football season.
It was quite the wonderful weekend with a wonderful friend! There are so many great little hidden treats to be found in little towns like Richmond. Something I never fully understood when they were all around me for 3 years.
On my way back, I stopped at Purdue. I'm looking forward to this weekend's first football game of the season. I hoping I can find someone to ride down with me. We have such a great tailgating group, I'm super excited for the season!
This weekend is also Labor Day Weekend. What are y'all doing? Anything fun for the last weekend of the summer?

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