September 18, 2011

My Bedroom Project

This past summer, I came across this idea on Tumblr (where I find the coolest things!):

For the last few years, I've had a broken head board that I just leaned up against the wall behind my bed. I only kept it because it matched my dresser and a vanity I got from my Nana... I was mistakenly under the impression that it was a family heirloom, but turns out that wasn't the case... and therefore it's in the dumpster.
In it's place is the project below:
 The middle M is modeled after Lily Pulitzer's First Impression:

I got the little sticker tree from I really like it and think it adds a little something extra.
I am pleased with how everything turned out.
Have you done any projects lately? Do share.
Check me out on Tumblr. It's where I find most of my inspiration these days!

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