September 20, 2011

Weekend Recap - Chili Cookoff!

This past weekend was jam packed.. filled with pearls, football, beer, football, beer, Tiffany's... you get the idea.
The first ever Preppy Southern Tailgate was AMAZING!
BF and I got into town early (a first, maybe partially due to my lead foot; although I thought we were late because of my Pumpkin Spice Latte fix). We had to stop by the PayLess any way to grab utensils for our Chili Cookoff on Sunday, coke for sober drivers, and Angel Food Cake to go with BF's Bourbon Peaches. Along one of the aisles I found the above little gems... WINNING! One can for Mom, one can for me! 
Love my Block P!
 Charis & Ryan my Half-Time buddies. We ended up back at the tailgate for half time and Ryan gave our Satelite dish one more shot...
Quite the view... so much so... that we stayed there for the rest of the game and half of the Notre Dame game... well played... minus my (painful) sunburn...
Surviving... I managed to drive back to the city and grab Thai with BF. After mucho Pad Thai, I got some much needed lotion and rest.
The next day, BF and I got up ubber early to create our master chili creations. BF made what he called 'the 10 Levels of Hell' which entailed 10 different chilies. 
He also made his world famous meaty chili.
I made my Uncle Don's Turkey chili... if you are interested, please inquire within :)
BF and his BFF live in the same building... for lack of a better initial collection, DJ, or DJB. DJ brought his TV upstairs so they could have 2 massive screens next to one another.
 Huff (BF's 2nd Little Bro, via Kappa Sig) showed up first, and brought an AMAZING white chicken chili.
 Huff, DJ, Sarah, & Cook (BF's Kappa Sig Big Bro.. although they use this creepy Father/Son thing... ) Sarah's amazing and brought a BBQ Chicken dip!
Some more of the amazing party... I swear we ended up with 5 crock pots, and 5 regular pots... maybe more, not to mentioned at least 2 corn breads, 1 mac & cheese, and tons of toppings!
I hope we can do this again next year (but maybe have ppl register chili... we had a lot.... there's a lot of left overs).
What'd y'all do this weekend? Do you have a favorite Chili recipe?

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