October 19, 2011

BF Corner Entry 2 - Halloween is almost here

OK so I am more than a little pumped for it to be almost Halloween.  While it isn't my FAVORITE holiday, it is very high on the list.  I feel like it is the one time a year that no one questions me liking scary movies, and ghost stories.  Even the Prep herself will sit down and watch a scary movie with me.  We can't just go full head on into any movie though, because she scares fairly easy.  Overtime I have had to make a ranking system to warn her what kind of movie we are in store for before she decides to sit down and watch it.  It goes as follows:
Level 1 or "See this is still in the spirit of scary movies" - This is typically reserved for non scary movies that have a paranormal vibe to it in some capacity.  She can make it through these fine.  Examples - Ghostbusters, Scooby Doo, stuff you would spot on ABC family.
Level 2 (stuff that should be level one, but was scary to her as a kid) - Haven't run into many of these.  Part of this is because I believe she has toughened herself over time.  Once in awhile though I will be left scratching my head on something.  Example - Had to change the channel during the scene where the little girl gets kidnapped by the witches in Hocus Pocus
Level 3 (old monster movies that don't scary anyone, but piss her off) - As a kid I used to love watching the old Universal Monster classics.  If they weren't playing on AMC, I used to get my fix on Chicago's version of the Saturday night creature feature "Svengoolie".  Once in awhile I think that I can slip these in as a Level 1 or 2 with her, but it ends with me turning it off because her patience has run out.  Once in awhile though we do make it through one of these, but she usually isn't happy.  Examples - War of the World (the original), The Invisible Man, The Thing From Another Universe, The Birds
Level 4 (Watches with fingers through the eyes) - While these movies typically are not intense through the whole thing, they typically will have music or something let you know that something scary is about to happen.  If it isn't going to be violence, but just kind of spookiness that is happening she will put her hand over hear face and watch through her fingers.  This is typically is a ghost show or a ghost movie.  This is right around where we end up because everything past here leaves her upset.

Level 5 (Face in Pillow and look away) - This the older brother to the Level 4.  Typically happens when there is a lot of Level 4 moments in a film, or something is going to be especially scary.  Examples - The Exorcist, Psycho, Paranormal Activity (funny side note, the Prep actually likes this movie, or least I am under the impression she does.)
Level 6 or "This is gross" - The Prep doesn't do violence in her scary movies.  The second it comes into play she is ready to peace out.  This is reserved for those movies that have just one or two obnoxious scenes in it.  Example - Misery, Halloween (original), Fright Night (both), Scream
Level 7 or "What is wrong with you?" - Big bad brother to the Level 6.  These movies have lots of people dying in them.  Think Zombie movies, slasher flicks, and stuff with gross out special effects.  These are the ones that I typically enjoy the most.  Only way these ever get watched is if DJ and myself are already watching one and she walks in.  Examples - All zombie movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Thing, The Evil Dead. (PREP IN THE MIDWEST NOTE: JOHNNY DEPP ALERT! :) )
Level 8 or "GF don't come in/I will turn this off right now" - Highest level that is in play.  This is for either the truly terrifying or the truly gross.  I sometimes don't even really want to be watching some of these movies.  The whole torture craze going through Hollywood right now feels like it is starting to run itself out, so hopefully we get back to smart scary movies.  While I do feel some of these movies are actually good, a lot of them are crap.  Violence for the sake of violence isn't scary, but the fear of what is going to happen to someone is.  Examples - Saw movies, Hostel, Takashi Miike films, The Devil's Rejects.
Alright time for the weekly breakdown of what the BF is doing.

What the BF is watching - The Walking Dead (AMC Sundays 8:00 CT)

This is one of the best shows on TV right now.  Being a big fan of the comic series that it is based off of I was looking forward to this show when it debuted last year.  It works so well in many ways.  First of and foremost it is a survival story that happens to have zombies in it.  Most movies today are 2 hours max and you are left with so little time to truly expand on the characters in the film.  Often times this leads to forgettable story lines that leave us only thinking of those that are zombie chow and those that lived.  The Walking Dead leaves us really exploring these characters and trying to understand who they are.  As a fan of both series (TV and comic) I am looking forward to this second season.  If it follows the books it should provide everyone with some real human moments, and solid scares!  If you haven't seen season 1 it is already out on Blu Ray and available for Instant Streaming on Netflix.  If you missed this Sunday's episode you can watch it on http://www.amctv.com/shows/the-walking-dead

What the BF is listening to - Spotify

O Spotify, what would I do without you?  A popular music streaming service that recently made its way over to the US is currently one of my favorite things.  I have every song that I ever wanted to listen to available for me.  I gave the Premium subscription a test spin so I could stream music off of my smart phone.  This was HUGE for my recent road trip to STL with the Prep a couple of weeks ago.  It is free to download though and use on your personal machine.  You are fool if you don't try it.

GAME OF THE WEEK - Purdue vs Illinois (Saturday 11:00 CT)

You didn't think I would force more hockey down your throat did you?  It is Purdue's Homecoming game, which would put it at #1 for my anyways, but on top of it they are playing Illinois.  While other people might look at Notre Dame or IU as our football rivals this is probably the biggest game that I circle every year.  I am literally the only person in my immediate family that didn't got to U of I.  Both of my parents went there, my younger brother went there, and it was pretty much assumed that I would have gone there too.  I have become the Black and Gold sheep of my family.  

Hopefully it is a good game.  I personally feel that they are the better team in every aspect of football, but funny things happen in football, and maybe this is one of those weeks that the ball bounces favorably for the Boilers.

Do you have a particular scary movie?  Please let me know.  I am always looking for new fun ones to watch.  Send us your recommendations and let us know where it would fall on the ranking system that I provided above.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!  Boiler Up!

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  1. You had me until Level 8 - those Saw/Hostel type movies make my stomach turn! We love The Walking Dead, too - I'm waiting for Ryan to get home from a business trip to watch the season premiere.


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