October 20, 2011

Christmas Present Ideas

As the Holiday season approaches, I've started thinking more about some things that I need. With that comes the inevitable internal argument of 'do I purchase it for myself, or hint at it for Christmas'.... and so family & friends... this is your hint...
I promise I'm a classy lady, but that doesn't put me above gift registries and wish lists to help those I love when they're looking for gift ideas (I, myself, love them for others, especially those that I don't get to see frequently).
I've always been a particularly practical person. I've also been the kind of person who understands realism vs. wishes. Last year's Christmas ideas were VERY much wishes, even though my wonderful family did get me some of them (they're incredible and spoil me!).

So here is my 2011 Christmas List

1.) I always love to have a calendar on my fridge, maybe because my parents always kept a family calendar completely detailed on our fridge at all times. My Google calendar is by far my bible... but I still fill out my fridge calendar.
2012 Lilly Pulitzer Wall Calendar but I also LOVE the Chick-Fil-A Calendars!

2.)  I got new towels last year, and I realized, I think I'd like to get new towels each year... only because they get less plush throughout the year, and I absolutely LOVE new towels.
Link $20 each (x2) - preferably in a pastel color
3.) & 4.) Bless its heart, but my poor Lilly case is getting gross... and unless I get a new a phone.... which would also be nice since my iphone screen is loosing sensitivity. But in lieu of that.... there's this really cool iphone cover by Marley Lilly. It's $59, and the apple green cover with the swirly monogram is just so FETCH.

5.) I love these cut-out necklaces, rings, and earrings. Price $159 LINK

6.) I'd love a magazine subscription to either Southern Living or Martha Stewart Living! Great recipes and craft ideas!

I'm in dire need of a new umbrella:
7.) This one from Vera Bradley is awfully cute in Safari Sunset for $32.

 J.Crew Slippers in nutmeg- $40
8.) My poor Ralph Lauren slippers are dying....

9.) My poor Brighton watch has been getting worn out! It'd be awesome to get a gold/tan colored watch similar to Sister's Tortoiseshell Michael Kors. (Don't know the cost or place to purchase)

10.) The last time I got a new camera was as a gift from my parents when I was heading into my sophomore year of College... (7 years ago... YIKES!). That being said any form of digital camera would be better than what I currently have or my iphone ;).

11.) My Ralph Lauren classic fit oxfords could use some replacements or additions. In any pastels or classic colors, and prices vary depending on purchase location and coupons. ;)

12.) Since LimeWire is no more... I've been buying more and more of my songs on iTunes (I know, don't judge). 
So iTunes gift cards of any value are greatly appreciated!

13.) Pocket-book organizer: I previously mentioned some of the cool organizes for 2011, and I bet the same brands have just as cool 2012 versions!

If I think of anything else I need, I'll be posting... I'm seriously not trying to be greedy or selfish, I'm just trying to assist my loved ones ;)


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