October 4, 2011

Craft Project - Pillows redefined

My recent project came from my mom.
I recently received a lovely care package that contained some of Mom & Nana's recent finds from Homegoods and the like. One item was a green & white table cloth. Mom's idea was that I could use it to make pillows for my new couch to match the chair she and Nana have been trying to convince me to buy.
I happened to be SOMEWHAT like my mom and never throw anything out. I had these two throw pillows that were getting a bit droopy so I put them away in lieu of some new gold ones.
So I pulled them out, and created simple pocket designs and hand stiched the sides while watching my DVR on Sunday night. And Voila!
Beautiful new pillows!
Then they finally got me to buy the chair. I went after work and it will be delivered with my couch in 2 weeks!

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