October 4, 2011

Weekend Recap - Purdue vs. Notre Dame

This past weekend was the annual Purdue vs. Notre Dame football game, in West Lafayette, IN.
I give the Tailgate crew another GIANT thumbs up for an amazing set up!
There was a keg, grills with cast iron skillets, beer pong, flip cup, murbles, corn hole, satellite tv... overall EXTREMELY impressive! There was a great turn out, although I apologize for hearing the call of Harry's early... and talking my way into the Tri-delt house to use the ladies room...but I am a legacy :)
The Girls & I at the tailgate! I miss y'all so freaking much! We need to do this again this season!

Shortly after this photo we made our way around all of campus, tailgating on the golf course, Slater Hill, and the intramural fields before trolleying it up to Harrold's... PS, who knew there was a free trolley around campus on game days?
We saw many friends and even hung out with a random friend of my dad's at Nine Irish. Overall great day!
Even though we lost horribly on the field....
All I have to say is, Purdue currently has the most form Quarter Backs currently playing in the NFL....
 Man I miss our old football teams....

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