October 31, 2011

Weekend Recap - Halloween 2011

This past weekend is one of BF's faves (if you couldn't already tell from his BF Corner Entries).
He's gotten into biking over the last couple years, and there's a fun Chicago activity that involved both on Friday evening. My work was nice enough to let me work from home on Friday which allowed be to be 'off' at 5:30 vs. fighting the traffic into the city. This was vital seeing as how we needed to be at the event by 6:30 pm.
So what am I talking about? Critical Mass! Basically everyone meets at Daley plaza in the financial area, just down the street from Macy's (Marshall Fields). They hand out maps, and as it gets later people start riding their bikes in the road together till they amass enough people to take over the road. There's no organization; this happens the last Friday of every month, except Friday's was Halloween themed! I've never done this before and BF says sometimes people wear costumes even when it's not Halloween but this was especially festive.
Daley Plaza was already in the festive mood changing the fountain to orange and hanging orange lights for a non related children's Halloween festival complete with free hot cocoa and apple cider!
Bf had joked a few weeks ago about being Pooh for Halloween, and I got excited and wanted to be piglet. So the joke became reality :). I even had some pretty sweet pink pants!
BF's dad even came out to ride with us. He was dressed as an "Occupy" protester.
After the ride, a lot of the riders ended up at Galloway Arms. Thankfully just down the street from BF's apartment. I say 'thankfully' because although I try to support BF in his love for biking, my butt doesn't necessarily agree, and even after ONLY 10 miles (+ the distance to the start and from the finish) I was in a lot of pain. As you may be aware from my Birthday gift for BF, the Nite Ride of 25 miles, I got a pink Schwinn because it had a bigger seat (in hopes of a more comfortable ride), however as BF always says (literally... ALWAYS) "it won't get better until you start riding more). But anywho.
Friday night, my friend MS came in and we proceeded to drink Hallowine (BF found it at Whole Foods and had to get it) and watch scary movies. Typically I'd WANT to put 'scary' in quotations, however I was not kidding. BF found this awful movie called "Trick or Treat". I swear I love him, but he's got something going on upstairs that I'll never understand with his LOVE for scary movies... he typically says it's because he wants to find the 'zipper in the back of the monster costume', however i just don't buy it.
Saturday, BF was kind enough to take MS to breakfast at Nookies as I met up with one of my future Brand Profile companies at Orange with A Peel. Although I didn't order them, I had to share their theme for their silver dollar pancake flight:
Notice the awesome Halloween recipes!
Afterward we all headed up to watch the Purdue game at Red Ivy. Although it started off good, our defense couldn't keep up the energy and we didn't show up for the second half (a sad trend I've been seeing).
MS and I went down the street to Corcoran's for a little while before going back for dinner. She went back out, while BF and I stayed in and cleared his DVR of Dead Files, Ghost Adventures, and Ghost Hunter Episodes. I even got to finally bake my apple pie for us to enjoy. For dinner I made a poor attempt at Hotdog Mummies
Sunday, BF & I watched the original Night of the Walking Dead, before making our way out to his parents in the Burbs for an evening of Italian and My Ghost Stories.
I sadly don't expect any trick or treaters tonight as I'm in a condo/apartment building, but I'm going to have some candy just in case.
What did y'all do this weekend? What did you dress up as? Was it EPIC?!?

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