November 1, 2011

Brand Profile: State Traditions

State Traditions is a company with a fun concept. I have been drawn more and more to state shapes that remind me of home... or I could just miss it a lot. The company currently products multiple designs for each state for men's polos and hats. I particularly like that they implement the state flag in some of the designs like the Georgia polo below:
This GA Traditional White can be found for the reasonable price of $65 here.
And everyone loves the Palmetto tree and Moon of the South Carolina Flag:
This would be perfect for my dad at Sister's Game days! GO GAMECOCKS! This Columbia Gameday Garnet hat can be found here for $25

I hope every one's gamedays have been going well, and now that you're getting ready for Bowl games, I know the men in your life are in need of new game shirts. You should check out this company for great Christmas gifts! I think it's what I'll be doing for my dad!

I recently got a chance to talk to one of the owners, Maury Lyon. Check out how they answered my questions below:

When did you first decide to start your company?

My business partners John McElrath and Keith Brown started the idea for State Traditions clothing in late 2006 and the company was realized in the spring of 2007. Thinking it was a terrific idea I became involved, and was able to buy in the winter of 2007.

What is your inspiration?
The inspiration came from having a sense of pride in your state but not having many avenues to show it. We thought the American flag lapel pin that national leaders and others began to wear was a great outward symbol of pride in your country, and we thought to build off that a level down to the states.

Where did you first develop your style?
The initial style from the launch of State Traditions was a combination of State Pride and high quality. We searched for the right products that met our demands for the highest quality but without sacrificing affordability. When we found the polo we wanted from Peru, we literally washed it 150 times. It maintained the same fit and quality as when we first put it on, and we were sold.

What do you hope your products will convey about yourself and your style?
Our products are meant to convey the customer’s sense of pride in his or her state and alma mater, but in a cool and subtle fashion. Our style and ourselves’ are fitted directly into everything that we make. If I can’t feel good about wearing a hat or t-shirt or polo design that we make, then we scratch it and start over. We’re about as meticulous as anyone could be when it comes to our products’ look and fit.

What has been the hardest thing about starting your own business?
For us, maintaining the focus and taking the right steps, balancing outside opinion and advice with your internal vision of how to be a success. In other words, saying “This is going to work. Now let’s just figure out how”.

What other products do you hope to add to your portfolio?
We will be adding 10 new states for spring. We also have something new coming out for the spring of 2012 that I think will be a homerun. Right now we’re making sure the designs are right and everything is in place before we launch.

Is there anything else you'd like mentioned?
Big 10 fans have asked when their schools products are coming out, and we’ve heard them. Those will be included in our spring products and should be just in time for March Madness and perfect for the 2012 college football season.

How would you define today's 'Preppy' and how do you think it compare to the preppy past decades?
I feel like the “Preppy” of today is a whole lot more stylish for men and women than decades past. The term “fratty” better resembles the iconic brands and style of today’s “preppy”. I feel like it’s a throwback to the 80’s for guys, especially with our products.

What to learn more about State Traditions? Check them out here:
Twitter: @StateTraditions

And as always, if you have any companies you think I should check out and feature on my blog. Please let me know!

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