October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap - Homecoming!

I started this past weekend a little early with the delivery of my new couch!
This is my old couch. I got it for free when I moved out of my parent's house. I was lucky enough to find some nice NIU student to come get it for free, as the junking company was going to charge me $135 freaking dollars! 
After it was gone, I came to the sad realization that it was MY couch :(. This is the couch I waited for Santa on growing up, it was the couch that when I stayed home sick from school I watched TV on, it was MY couch! So teared up a little bit.
But then my beautiful new couch arrived and I couldn't stay sad for long! It's a little bit puffier that I remember when I purchased it back in August, but it should hopefully soften up with time.
I was disappointed that I'm being put out by the fact that Macy's didn't feel it necessary to also deliver my new Maya Pear chair with the couch... so that's coming in another two weeks, and I'll have to work from home for that delivery as well...
So that was my Thursday. Friday, after work I made my way to BF's parents house to spend the night in preparation for our trip to Purdue on Saturday for Homecoming. BF & his friend DJ were already there when I arrived and BF's AWESOME mom had picked up cannoli's especially for me.... this is one Italian thing I have sadly become addicted to (I say 'sadly' because it does nothing to improve my figure).
We got up super early (4:15am) on Saturday to get ready and head down to Purdue for Homecoming!
I was super excited because we had decided as a tailgate to do a mini-baby shower for one of the amazing couples; they're expecting a boy in December. They were registered, but I felt like I had been doing that a lot lately for people and wanted to do something unique, fun, and useful. So I had found this idea on pintrest and decided to try it:
It's a Diaper Cycle! Like a Diaper cake, but BETTER! :)
Here's the video I found that helped me create the gift!

The proud soon-to-be parents and their first jersey.
One of the other tailgaters made this AMAZING cake! Looked super professional!
BF's mom came with us. Both his parents are U of I grads (the opposing team for the game).
The theme for this past weekend's tailgate food was Italian... a specialty of BF's family seeing as how they're Super Italians! BF's mom made this incredible Italian Subs that went along perfect with the other's contributions of pasta, pizza dip, and brucetta!
After an exciting game and a little post-game tailgating, we grabbed some den pops and hit the roads home. It was a long day, but super fun!
I came home and got everything together to have people over on Sunday for my Pumpkin Fest! Basically just football, pot-roast, mashed potatoes and pumpkin carving. I totally intended to also have fresh apple pie, but I forgot it in the fridge... WHO FORGETS APPLE PIE?!?!
Pumpkins ready for carving!
Apple Cider on the stove heating up for yummy fall goodness!
Our awesome pumpkins! BF and I are going to be carving more on Thursday!
We enjoyed incredible fall weather, great food, and good football! Overall a great fall weekend!

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