October 10, 2011

Weekend Recap - Meet Me In St. Louis

This past weekend BF had a conference in St. Louis, and I got to tag along as co-pilot. We didn't get away until late Friday evening, which meant a long night of driving. We made it within 10 miles of the city, and passed an awful accident that involved a life-helicopter... pretty insane.
Finally got to the city.. you can kind of see the arch.
 Then I woke up to this. Pretty incredible view!
BF had to leave pretty early, and I was left to fend for myself for the day. I did some research while having breakfast and got some tips from the front desk before heading out.
The hotel was right next to the park that's part of the Arch. I got to walk over (less than half a mile) when it opened.
PS it opens at 9am, and it costs $10 to take the trip to the top.
You ride up in these little claustrophobic cells that act as a cross between a roller-coaster and a Ferris wheel. It was build over 50 years ago, and it made clicking noises on the way up AND down...
It's really short up there...
The stairs to the pods to come down.
But the views are pretty spectacular!
 After my little journey to the top of the Arch, I discovered St. Louis public transit and made my way towards the section of town known as the 'Central West End'. It's a really nice neighborhood that boarders their huge park and has tons of antique shops, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques.
I found one such cafe at the recommendation of one of the antique store owners.
Yummy B.L.A.S.T. (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Sprouts, Turkey) sandwich, and french onion soup... not to mention a mimosa!
After a bite, I took public transit again towards the St. Louis version of Central Park or Millennium Park, Forest Park. It's actually bigger than Central Park by 500 acres! It contains most of the city's museums and the zoo all of which are FREE! Although I was sorely tempted by the Monet exhibit of Water Lilies, but I made my way to the zoo. 
Family of elephants... WITH A BABY! I've never a baby elephant and it was adorable!
Hippo exhibit! I've never seen them up close like this before.
This zoo was so cool, and it was amazing for being a free zoo. I even got to see the otters being fed!
My phone was dying though, and I called BF just before and he met me at the penguin exhibit. Afterward we drove around the city... kept being told about this area that supposedly had a ton of shops, but was a bit hipster and didn't have as many things as I was led to believe. After some freshening up, we went out to dinner at this place called Mollys in Soulard. Some of you may not know this, but St. Louis is the second largest Creole population in the US.
The restaurant had this beautiful beer garden and had excellent Cajun food!
The... MY SORORITY SISTER C.G. met us! She's originally from St. Louis and met us to go to the Soulard Oktoberfest
 The festival was right across from the Anheuser Busch grounds. 
There was tons of live music and the grounds were disgusting... typical Oktoberfest.
This morning, BF and I made our way back to Anheuser Busch for the official tour.
Some of the largest beer steins I've ever seen!

The Clydesdale paddocks.
Clydesdale tack room.
Mash Room
One of the incredible chandeliers they had around the 100 acre facility.
 After an hour and a half touring the facility, we enjoyed some wonderful samples in their hospitality room and watched the start of the first few Sunday games.
Then we grabbed some lunch at a local place recommend for it's BBQ... I was sadly under the misunderstanding that St. Louis was known for BBQ.... apparently not, although what we found was mighty tasty.
We made it back, albeit late. It was a wonderful weekend! I wish BF had more conferences so I could explore more cities!
We had originally wanted to go apple & pumpkin picking, but ran out of time. I hope to maybe do it next Sunday.
If you're in the Chicagoland area, next Saturday is my Junior League's first annual Readers on the Run. 
It's in Batavia, IL, there will be a 5k & Kids run along with lots of games & crafts. It's at 8am at the Fox Valley River trail. You can read more at www.jlkd.org I hope you can come out an help us support childhood literacy! We'll also be collecting books to donate towards Mooseheart & SmartSteps.

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