November 16, 2011

BF Corner - Getting ready

Short and sweet this week folks!  Been a crazy week and I have lots to do before heading down to ATL for the Holidays.

What the BF is watching - Cleaning out my DVR

The Prep and I have a rotate the Holidays between our families and Thanksgiving is going to be down in the dirty south this year.  That means that all of my violent (Walking Dead/Dexter/Boardwalk Empire), boob filled (How to Make it in America/Hung), toilet humor (The League/Tosh.0/South Park) shows will be sent straight to the DVR for the next 10 days.  Going to have to power through all of those one off specials that I recorded on the Food/History Channel.  At least I will learn something.

What the BF is listening to - "I Stand Alone" by Theophilus London

Another song from "How to Make it in America".  Used heavy in the season trailer.  Super catchy
Game of the Week
- Blackhawks at Canucks (Wednesday 9:00 CT)


This is one of the best rivalries in sports right now.  For three years in a row the Blackhawks and Vancouver had met in the playoffs.  Each time the series only gets more and more intense.  The nice thing too is that the Blackhawks are CLEARLY the good guys here.  Vancouver are a ton of choking cheap shot artists and their fans are assholes.


That is the face of the enemy.  Soak it in.  I am not just being an obnoxious homer here.  Hipsters AND sore losers.  What a terrible combo.  Order must be restored.  By the way you filthy Canucks, here is a reason for a ton of people to gather together in the streets.


Investment of the week - Vikings +1 over Oakland (I am 2-0 right now)

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