November 21, 2011

Weekend Recap - Family Time

This past Saturday, BF & I traveled to the deep south to visit with my family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Each year, BF and I switch which holiday (Thanksgiving or Christmas) we spend with each or our families. With the being in either Chicago or Atlanta, it'd be pretty expensive to try to do both.
This being said, because I only get to see my family about 3 times a year, I try to spend as much time with them as possible when I can, so BF understands most of my limited vacation days are spent in Atlanta. He's pretty wonderful :)
So we flew early from Chicago on 7am flights... needless to say getting up at 3:30am does not agree with us. We had hoped to meet up with a good childhood friend of mine for the evening but he got stuck in Statesboro (GP - you and LJ owe us a double date when we're in the same city again! Or maybe y'all should just come up to Chicago sometime soon!).
Mom & I grabbed $3 Dollar Cafe ribs for lunch which went perfectly with Football and Family. But almost immediately after sitting down at the house, Nana called frantically because she had gotten a flat tire on her way to work. So dad and I came to the rescue. It was quite the dramatic rescue as she was on 285 which apparently Atlantans now see as their own personal circle shaped NASCAR track... Dad was inclined to point out that even in NASCAR they have a 45 mph zone in the pits to change the tires... they were averaging like 85 mph whizzing by his head, while I played flag-girl getting them to slow down or change lanes. But we got Nana to work only an hour late. 

I don't typically try to be mean or negative here but I'm very upset about this: Nana had just purchased all new tires 3 days prior... I don't care what the garage people say, there's no pothole in Atlanta that would cause the tire to separate from the rim the way it did (maybe in Chicago, but not in Atlanta)... this being said the Goodyear at Macy's Perimeter made my Nana PAY FOR A WHOLE NEW TIRE! They took the whole situation very defensively when I called them out on this BS but refused to budge... therefore DO NOT GO TO THIS STORE FOR YOUR AUTO NEEDS! They were typical southerners, sweet to your face but stabbing you in the back (and I can say that cuz I've done it)... but I expected them to do their jobs. Ok, I'm done. Sorry. :( I was just so upset that they thought they could rip my Nana off without any repercussions. I'm tempted to call the Better Business Bureau on them...

When we got back, since our evening activities got canceled, BF was happy to sit with Daddio watching NCAA football while Mom and I braved the early Thanksgiving shoppers up at the mall. We ran into Macy's and then got Rusty washed. Dad did some great steaks on the grill and it ended up being a fairly jammed packed day for just having arrived.
Sunday, we took some time to just hang out again. BF and I met up with our great newly wed friends LG & CG! We met up with them at this little Mexican restaurant in Dunwoody that apparently is a favorite of some other family friends of ours.
Our Family Friend, Photographer Deb Jansen, even used it as the back drop for her photo session with Nana!
They had the best fish taco's ever! I swear, I've never had better fish taco's than in Atlanta. We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with LG & CG and CG's brother AG and mom even stopped by! We then checked out wedding/honeymoon pics at their house.
That night, Nana came over for our early Thanksgiving. Macy's wouldn't give her the time off. :( and since we're planning on enjoying the holiday at the Farm, this would be the only time we got to spend with her.
BF is working today, and Nana's coming over so we can spend the day together. We have brunch plans in Roswell in a little less than an hour, so I'd better skedaddle. I'll post more this week from the Farm!

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