November 10, 2011

Weekend Recap: Purdue Wedding of the CENTURY!

This past weekend BF was in his very first wedding. One of his good friends and fraternity brothers married his college sweetheart. We've known the couple for several years now, and love them both dearly.
I was very upset I wasn't able to get out of work for the Rehearsal Dinner on Friday night, but I did make it back to meet up with a good friend at Harry's, and the rest of the gang later on.
After some much needed catch up time, I almost felt like I was back to normal (college style).
Saturday was spent relaxing, gearing up for the big event. While hanging out BF gave me the wedding gift from the couple.... a Cookbook filled with recipes and pictures we were asked to send in with our RSVP's. It's the coolest thing ever, complete with letters to the couple and great memories!
BF had to be ready by 11 to head over to the church with the wedding party. I hung out a bit longer and met up with the rest of the group a bit later. The couple had planned buses to and from both the wedding and the reception (so considerate!). However our bus getting there was a little tardy so I grabbed a whopping 7 people to cram in my car. The wedding was lovely, and thankfully only a half mass. I don't typically cry at weddings, but this was definitely an exception.
The Amazing Wedding Party!
After the wedding, we had 3 hours to kill before the reception, and let's face it, when you stick a ton of old friends (mostly fraternity brothers) together, they're going to want to go to Harry's and watch Purdue Football (it's like if you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to want a pitcher of beer.... or something like that).
So we watch Purdue... not play as great as they should....before grabbing our gifts and heading to the stadium... that's right! They had their amazing reception in the STADIUM! How cool is that?!?! I've only been to a few events up there, mostly for formal or organizational dinners, but this was lovely!
(I thank facebook friends in advance for letting me steal some pictures, my camera is shot and didn't take anything good!)
My good Belden Buddy E.H. met the couple in Atlanta while working there. Small world!
I pretty much hung out with J.B. all night! He has a freaking amazing camera, and exceptional fashion taste ;)
BF and DJ (sorry DJ... can't call you D.B... it's weird)
The couple's first dance was to my dream song...

After dancing and singing till at least an hour and half past when the BAND (LIVE BAND!!!!) was scheduled, a couple of us walked back to the hotel before heading to Harry's!
BF even bought the FishBowl so the couple could come and sit and enjoy themselves!
The bride came in her dress and all.... INCLUDING GLITTERY JIMMY CHOOS!
Overall, it was an amazing weekend that BF and I topped off with a lunch at Triple XXX before hitting the road.
I finished the weekend off with pizza and Once Upon A Time with a friend. FABULOUS weekend!
What'd y'all do this weekend? What are some of the best things at weddings you've experienced or heard of?

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