November 11, 2011

Prints By Lilly Pulitzer- Best of 2011 (so far!)

Over the last year I've collected different Lilly Pulitzer prints that I use for my computer and social media backgrounds. I always find it somewhat difficult to nail these down and wanted to share some of my favorites from the the past year with all of you! I'm particularly in love with the Delta Gamma & First Impressions prints! As I've said, my mom as a DG and I grew up with a nautical style. And the First Impressions print inspired my headboard craftiness.
Heel Yeah

Delta Gamma
Late Night Toile
Chorus Girl
Gang's All Here
Dark & Stormy
First Impressions
Do you have any favorite Lilly Prints? I love seeing new ones! If you've heard of any coming out for next Spring do share!

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