December 27, 2011

Brand Profile: Francesca Joy Palm Beach

Francesca Joy is an awesome designer out of Florida that has some beautiful hand-painted pieces. These products depict everything about the ocean, relaxation, and a finer life while maintaining a down-to-earth quality.
Francesca Joy offers a wide array of totes, iphone cases, shirts, shorts, and wristlets all featuring her signature brush-stroke designs.
I personally am a huge fan of her anchor print:
Don't you just LOVE the lobsters! These iPhone 4 cases make me drool to get an iPhone 4 just to have it! they're $40 on her etsy account.

and her geographic maps!
These beautiful hand-painted totes are $160.
Check out some of the other designs!
I recently had the opportunity to communicate with the founder and designer Elise Fargnoli. Check out what she had to say about starting her company:

When did you first decide to start your company?
In February of 2010, I had just had my work represented by a gallery in Chelsea, NY (Agora) and was seeking a new way to sell "Art"- introduce it to the fashion world on another level, with a non-jaded perspective. I feel as though inexperience is creativity.

What is your inspiration?
Passion, color, 1960's & 1970's- the time, the music, the people. My biggest inspiration is probably rock and roll. I love music, and I love fashion- the feminine affect on something contrasting like rock- how to marry the two in 2011 has to be fresh, and a mix up of a million different feelings, emotions, colors, and experiences. That is what creates the fresh, and the new. I am very inspired by whimsical art- the unexpected that doesn't try too hard. I saw two exhibits this year that made me want to push Francesca Joy to every level I could- Tim Buton in L.A. and Alexander McQueen in NYC. Two extraordinary artists.

 Where did you first develop your style?
Style is somewhere- somewhere there and then you figure out what you want to do with it. It comes and goes and I chose to awaken it with the development of the things I knew how to do--If I draw an anchor it is just going to come out the way you see it. I prefer to paint because I see things- the shadows, the dimension with color. The only way I'll know how to draw or paint something is what it will always be- so the anchors, the whimsical designs you see are simply the only way I know how to interpret. It then becomes yours- your style.

 What do you hope your products will convey about yourself and your style?
 A mix of different personalities, feelings, and ambitions. Something should never be just "one"- we shouldn't limit ourselves. Francesca Joy offers a mix of preppy, rock, and art because that's who I am. It's what I listen to, how I dress, or how I live- I don't know, really. If I was one or the other perhaps this would be a different brand. When you jump into something and don't over analyze it becomes exactly who you are.

 What has been the hardest thing about starting your own business?
I learn something new everyday- the lessons are not very easy, and I am young. I also started this on the money I've made selling paintings- when you aren't backed by any money, you have to be even more creative on how you can get something out there- you have to be smart about your branding and a step ahead every minute of the day. You will go without as you have to make your own way.  You have to be ambitious, yes, but more importantly, aware.  You have to be present- learn from those around you and the mistakes you've made.

What other products do you hope to add to your portfolio?
I wish to expand the current clothing line into a swimwear collection and childrenswear.

Is there anything else you'd like mentioned?
It should make you smile. That's what it's about.

Want to learn more about Francesca Joy? Check them out here:
Twitter: @FrancescaJoy_PB
And as always, if you have any companies you think I should check out and feature on my blog. Please let me know!

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