December 29, 2011

Holiday Guest Blogger: College Prepster

 The holiday season around our house is always a little different than other families!  My mom celebrates Christmas, but my Dad, Sister, and I are Jewish so we celebrate Hanukkah.  We end up basically celebrating both holidays in varying degrees.  This year was super special, as Hanukkah and Christmas truly overlapped.  (Hanukkah changes every year.)

Quite a few years ago, we were vacationing in the Florida Keys.  In between being out on the boat and eating tons of fish, we would sit around and watch hours (I mean, hours) of "The OC" as a family.  We got hooked on the concept of Chrismukkah and started incorporating it into our Decembers.

Because this year was a true Chrismukkah, we really went all out.  My dad's side of the family lives in Florida, so they drove to our house to celebrate on Christmas night as well as a few family friends.  We had traditional Jewish brisket (not me though... vegetarian!) and latkes.  The dessert table was a true mix of Christmas and Hanukkah.  We made sufganiyots and had tons of sugar cookies.

Instead of buying everyone lots of presents, we have a $2 gift "contest."  (We calculated for inflation and raised the limit to $3 this year though!)  Everyone brings a gift that's less than the limit to give to everyone.  Trust me, we start planning for this in July... trying to find the perfect gift!  I am personally a fan of super easy scratch off tickets though!

Our holiday traditions are always fun and always low-key.  No one is stressed on Christmas!  Win-win!
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