May 11, 2011

Graduation Gift Ideas 2011

As a High School and a College graduate, I've received a humbling amount of graduation gifts in my life (and who knows, maybe I'll get my MBA some day and open up to even more! jk).
Of the times you can give/get, there are (what I believe) 4 main categories:
Category #1 Jewelry - duh, Tiffany is the first place I think of, but I have a slight obsession.
This year Tiffany has a FABULOUS graduation year lock all for $200! You can even get it monogrammed for around $50. I got a lock for my sister around her high school graduation and monogrammed it for sentimental value.
I also received this beautiful Return to Tiffany™ heart tag toggle bracelet from my parents for College graduation. You can find it for $295.
I received these post earrings from a good friend of the family and were perfect for Rush! $100
Category #2: Collegiate theme
Vineyard Vines has some pretty good totes that would be great for any tailgate AND you can personalize for your grad based on their Alma Mater. $95
Tervis Tumblers can be personalized with either collegiate or monogrammed prints, plus you can stuff them with gift cards, in a gift bag, or by themselves. $12
Category #3: Dorm Room/New Apartment supplies
I received my share of the items below. Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, or the Container Store.
- laundry bags/baskets
- quarters for laundry
- fun colored sheets
- magnet boards
- kitchen ware
- Candles
- Closet organizers

Category #4: Bonds, Checks, and Gift Cards
Honestly, I can not be more grateful for the 'education donations' I received over the years (they totally helped me cover at least my first semester of Out-of-State tuition!).
My parents have tried to put a twist on this and give gift certificates to the bookstore of the graduate's school of choice. Typically I would say this is an amazing idea, but you have to be SUPER careful. Exhibit A: my sister changed schools 2 months prior to the beginning of Fall semester (From my Alma Mater, to University of South Carolina).
Gift cards to collegiate local restaurants and stores is also great. Helps with the little 'extras' that pop up outside the standard cost of living.

I hope my brief view has helped in your search for the perfect graduation gift! If you've already purchased your grad a gift and it's not on my list, let me know! I'd love to hear new ideas!

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