May 9, 2011

Derby Daze - Party Recap

I believe this weekend's 3rd Annual Kentucky Derby Party went pretty well.
Per my Prep entry I made my Pulled Chicken BBQ (in the crock pot) and the mint Julep Cupcakes.
The BBQ is always good, and I just forget how easy it is!
The cupcakes left much to be desired, for the amount of time it took to make them and how they turned out.... Funfetti is just so much better. 
BF got a little annoyed with me as I completely re-arranged his apartment to accommodate guests and make it acceptably clean.
Additionally, he was kind of weirded out that I took some Martha Stewart to heart, and created some decorations. Nothing overboard, just simple and tasteful to give his kind of dreary apartment some color.

I like them, plus they're super easy! although I don't know if mine are as good as Martha's.
Also, I found out that my Captain Rodney's Cheese bake was a HUGE hit, and that I should make more of that and less chopped vegetables...
Things seemed to go fairly smooth, with the exception of my not feeling very good for the majority of the party... BF and I can't figure out if I handled the chicken and didn't wash my hands all the way or if the 1 Mint Julep I had was just that strong.... either way, next year I'm going to be much more careful!
My hat went to good use, although it probably would've been better had it been sunny and we could actually play outside.
We did get to play a little bit of bags which was fun!
I thought the race was exciting, I never would've guess that Animal Kingdom to come from behind to win! I love it! 
What'd you do for the Derby? What should I do to enhance my party next year?

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