May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap: Is it South Carolina Yet?

Just like the changing seasons, so does the days of my life.... hahaha (just a little 'Days of Our Lives' for those who remember).
This past weekend I took a long weekend to my second home, i.e. Greenville, SC.
For those of your that frequent this little literary endeavor, you may have read a little bit about my obsession here.
I was attempting to surprise my Dad because I know how much he wanted me home for Easter. Tickets were so expensive for that weekend, so I had to pick another weekend. Everything was going as planned right up until the night before my flight.... when my mom called to tell me my dad was refusing to make the drive from Atlanta as we were expecting 'sh**ty' weather and we had to be back home Sunday for a re-commitment ceremony of some close friends. So, the cover was blown. But I had a ride from the airport at noon on Friday.
It was a great weekend filled with lots of cleaning, organizing, and chilling on the porch/patio. It was a much needed 3-day weekend. 
Sorry for the long dry-spell on entries... things are just crazy with everything going on between work, junior league, and ... LIFE! Stay tuned, as craziness leads to more interesting adventures. :)

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