August 1, 2011

Weekend Recap- Vaca & Sir Paul

It's been awhile, and I fully blame a long vaca with the fam as well as trying to recoup from said vaca.
Now over a week ago, I went on a much needed vacation with my fam and BF. 
Sunday, Mom insisted we take family pictures... this is the only one Sis and I agreed upon, even then, I wasn't a fan. I let Sis barrow an extra skirt I brought, and I kind of wish I was wearing that instead of shorts 2 sizes too big...
BF and I even got some great pics out of it!
It was wonderful waking up to this view though:
My uncle has a condo in Myrtle Beach, and my family has been going there for over a decade for beach time. It's wonderful because you can just stock up groceries for the week and never move your car. There's a tram down to the beach and to the front of the complex. Across the street is a great shopping center with awesome restaurants.We love it there. It's kind of a small world too, because on my first trip (I think I was 10) I met this girl and her younger sister while playing at the indoor pool one night with my sister. They were staying at their grandmother's place in the Garden Homes in the complex. Flash-forward 6 years, and she was going to a high school in my district and we were cheering on the same competitive team. This place has just been our little piece of heaven. Of late, Dad has started getting a condo in the South tower right on the beach so that we can all stay comfortably. We had my Mom's brother and his wife at their condo, my mom's sister and her daughter in ours. Additionally Nana, Sis, Mom, Dad, BF, and Me.
Sadly we only got about a day and a half of sun (Dad says it's because God didn't want me to get burned... I just think it's cuz he thinks I don't look as good with a tan).
We did have quite the mini golf championship in the rain though. It was a lot of fun! Myrtle Beach is known for it's 40+ PGA courses, but it also seems to have about 100 mini golf places! We played at the home of the US ProMiniGolf Championship (Who knew there was such a thing) at Hawaiian Rumble.
BF and I stayed through Wednesday before making our way back. Or at least I did; BF had a conference in San Francisco which required 3 connections from Myrtle Beach International.
I picked him up on when he returned home on Saturday, but his flight was delayed and technically didn't get back till 1am on Sunday morning.
Sunday was a lazy day in preparation for the Sir Paul McCartney concert at Wrigley Field.We didn't have tickets, but BF's pledge pop has a roof-top apartment where we could listen to the music. We did this last year for the Dave Mathew's Band concert as well. It's a great time and perfect because it costs nada!
I'm sure I wasn't as detailed as I typically am, but I'm really trying to find non-food things to write about ;).
Have y'all gotten to go on vacation yet this summer? Go anywhere fun?

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