August 2, 2011


I know that title might seem odd seeing as how I'm from the south, and that general geography emanates out-doorsy-ness.
This morning I had a run in....
with a Reflecting Post....
of a Deer.
Imagine the picture above. Except think of an 8 lane highway, under-construction, in morning rush hour traffic.
Needless to say my poor car didn't make it...
I meant to take pictures, but it's just too painful.... my poor baby.
Reality: it scraped the whole side of my car, but it's still drivable. My insurance rocks and they've been very helpful and understanding. Downside: Apparently with all the rains in Illinois, there's been flooding. Apparently people's cars flooded?? and all the rental car places are only providing to those who have insurance claims. And therefore, I'm stuck with a Chevy Cobalt... 32,000 miles and rough exterior. But it'll get me by till my poor car gets out of the body shop.

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