September 6, 2011

Weekend Recap - Labor day 2011

 This past weekend was our last summer-hours Friday and a long 3-day holiday.
It was overall kind of a lazy weekend. BF's brother (DM) was in town from Wyoming and the two of them helped their mom with a garage sale. I got introduced to the new Purdue bar in Wrigleyville (Red Ivy). I headed up that way with BF's BFF who lives below him, DJ. We met up with a bunch of the other Kappa Sigma's for pizza and beer. I was originally extremely disappointed that no one would drive down to Purdue with me for the game, however it ended up being a very good thing. They were reporting heat indexes of 116 in the stadium, plus there were torrential down pours that swept the region in the late afternoon.
After the game, DJ and I grabbed 5 Guys before meeting BF back at the apartment for a lazy movie night. BF's brother came in and got to spend some good time with his old college buddies. 
Sunday morning we introduced DM to the Twisted Spoke and this:
Because I can't remember what it's actually called, I'll just go with the 'Baconator'..
I'm sad to report that my diet went WAY down hill this weekend...We also took DM to BF's favorite Italian bakery - Superior Bakery. It re-opened a few years ago, but it's an old neighborhood bakery that his grand parents used to use growing up in the Italian village in South Chicago.
That afternoon we kind of just bummed around after DM let to head up to Rockford to hang out with friends. DJ, BF, and I then decided we were going to grill out and proceed to make a menu and head to the grocery store:
They were really excited...
I made Tyler Florence's potato salad, and we had sausage and corn on the cob. PS that potato salad is super easy, and very tastey (highly recommend it!)
A lot of the guys came over and we enjoyed the cold front that came through.
Monday was spent cleaning and doing laundry out at BF's parents house in Naperville.
All in all, it was a very relaxing weekend.... and some how I always end up more tired than when we started.
What did y'all do for the holiday weekend? Did anyone go to their team's season opener? Do you have any tailgating traditions that you're continuing (that I might be able to copy ;) )?

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